Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Latest Little Project!

Hi you guys!!! It's been awhile but I'm so excited to say that I've been working HARD!!! So..So..So... SO HARD! lol seriously though. Everything in my life has just done a complete 360 for me and I am excited to say the least.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

J Cole- In The Morning Cover by ME!!!!! Hannah B

Hi Everyone!!! Here is A New post by me. I have been working on a lot of original music and new short films that I can not wait to share with you guys. I will be finishing up most of my client projects before the year is out and getting ready to embark on new adventures! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


       Man I was sooooo Happy I discovered this guy Eric Thomas. Thanks to my friends over at The University of Self Education for sharing this with me, now I can share this awesome gift you you!! Eric Thomas is an inspiration! Everytime I happen to look at his "Thank God It's Monday" video series I just want to get up and work on something.

I'd Travel 3,000 Miles...


             One of MY Favorite videos to date that I have had the pleasure of producing and editing is for artist Ben Sent. We did a video for his latest single "3,000 Miles" off of his latest project "EHT MUBLA."
It meant a lot to me to do the visuals for this single not only because BEN SENT is a fellow member of The EQ and a dear friend of mine but because the song had so much meaning and back story that I wondered if I could really do the song justice.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bank$ -Type of Gurl

A Freestyle by ImaReelChic aka Bank$- Type of Gurl

   Yes!! For those of you who had no idea, yes your girl The Reelest Chick A*k*A Bank$ SPITS!! lol I know I'm so overly excited at times but hey, I believe in giving something that you are interested in or passionate about the best shot you can give it so with that said I will be releasing songs from my own mix tape "Tan-gi-ble" this summer. This is just a freestyle that I did one night but stay tuned because more is sure to come. I would have to say that my sound is definitely for the most confident people in life who know what they want, know who they aren't and are not afraid to just be themselves. I love to work, laugh, make art whether it be through my films music, or literature, and just simply have fun doing it all.
   I did not always do music, I was more fascinated with how visual music can be but I LOVE music. I definitely considered myself a writer growing up and always imagined myself writing screen plays, concepts and yes even songs. One day I had the opportunity and the resources to just give this thing a shot, you know what... I did and I loved it! I got a good feedback on a couple of songs I did so now I am definitely taking music more seriously.
  Please take a quick moment and listen to my song and be sure to leave comments, I would love to know what the people think!!

Remember #Itsallaboutworkethic

The Groove W/ Bobby Phats

Hello To ALL!!!!!!!

I had so much fun at the radio station when visiting the Groove with Bobby Phats! His team decided to put together "The Blast Off King Bobby Phats Birthday Spit Session" which featured a very good friend of mine The Real J.Walker! Also featured in this spit session was Mr. Wired Up, John Dew, Thurgood Wordsmith, Tha CenTop, Preemo, Hashbrown Jettimasstyr, Affiliated Soldierz, Jack Freeman, DJ Ryno & Care Free at KPFT 90.1 The Groove Show. Of course I don't go anywhere without the cam so I filmed it all, check out part one for me and and part two will be posted soon...
Enjoy, leave comments, and remember #ItsAllABoutWorkEthic!